SMCS and Springfield Hospital – Strengthening Ties & Local Access

Springfield Medical Care Systems (SMCS) and Springfield Hospital have an excellent working relationship that has served our communities well in the past; and the collaboration is expected to continue well into the future.

The SMCS health center network is an anchor in our local communities, as a valued healthcare provider as well as an economic cornerstone.  Current Chapter 11 Reorganization plans anticipate doing everything we can to strengthen the health system network and to ensure ongoing access to care within our region. All plans maintain a primary focus in terms of patient care and the delivery of healthcare service.

Reorganization may, and likely will, involve a somewhat different corporate structure.

Springfield Medical Care Systems, Inc. and Springfield Hospital filed Chapter 11 Reorganization with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in June of 2019. This action was taken to provide both organizations time to develop reorganization plans for a sustainable healthcare system. Throughout the process, management and the Boards of Directors for both organizations have carefully reviewed financial and organizational strategies to determine the best approach to efficiently and effectively maintain local access to healthcare services.

We anticipate filing exit plans with the bankruptcy court this Spring. Our goal is to ensure a strong primary care system that continues to operate health centers in the same towns where they are currently located. Also, that Springfield Hospital maintains operations. Specific services offered may change (as with any business) depending on community demand and reimbursement for services. It is premature at this time to share further details, other than to say exit plans will soon be filed and need to be approved by the bankruptcy court.

The message we want to be sure is clear throughout our communities is:

  • We plan to file exit plans soon;
  • Reorganization envisions continuing collaboration between Springfield Hospital and the SMCS
    health center network;
  • Services will be designed to respond and meet the needs of the region; and,
  • The organizations’ projections demonstrate they are sustainable into the future.

The future of healthcare in our region remains strong. Much work remains to be done; but Board members and staff are up to the challenge and we look forward to meeting the healthcare needs of our communities for years to come.  ###