Visitor Information

Notice of Patient Visitation Rights

As a participating hospital in the Medicare Program, Springfield Hospital is required to provide all patients with their rights to visitation during an in-patient stay.

As an in-patient at Springfield Hospital you have the following rights regarding access to visitors:

  1. The right to verbally grant visitation rights to individuals whom you designate.
  2. The right to verbally deny visitation rights to individuals whom you designate.
  3. The right to withdraw or deny consent to visitors at any time.
  4. The right to appoint a “support person” to designate visitation rights, should you be unable to make such a determination due to incapacitation.
  5. The right to visitation privileges regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.
  6. The right to review the Springfield Hospital Policy on Patient Visitation Rights.
  7. The right to file a grievance with Springfield Hospital should you feel your visitation rights have been violated.

Springfield Hospital has the right to impose Justified Clinical Restrictions on a patient’s visitation rights. These restrictions may be necessary to provide safe, appropriate care to a patient and may include, but are not limited to:

  • A court order limiting or restricting patient/visitor contact.
  • Behavior that presents a threat to a patient.
  • Behavior disruptive to a patient care unit.
  • Reasonable limitations to visitor numbers.
  • Patient’s risk of infection by visitor.
  • Visitor’s risk of infection by patient.
  • Extraordinary protections because of pandemic or infectious disease outbreak
  • Substance abuse treatment  protocols
  • Patient’s need for privacy
  • Need for privacy or rest by another individual in a shared room
  • A health care professional deems it in the patient’s best interest that visitation is limited during clinical intervention or procedure.

As a patient, you or your support person has the right to an explanation of any Justified Clinical Restriction put on your visitation rights.