Insurance Information

Billing Questions: 802-885-7082


Springfield Hospital accepts most forms of private insurance, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Please bring your insurance card to your visit so we have the correct insurance information. We also accept cash, personal checks, Visa, and Mastercard.

Enrollment Assistance

If you need assistance with enrollment for Vermont Health Connect or the NH Insurance Marketplace, Valley Health Connections is available to help you with the details and guide you through the process. Please contact their office at 802-885-1616 for a personal, confidential appointment.

Insurance Billing

It is the policy of Springfield Hospital to submit claims to third-party payers in a timely manner as a courtesy to patients and in an effort to receive prompt payment for services rendered. We will bill your insurance company, however, you are responsible for any outstanding balances not covered by your plan. If we do not receive payment within 45 days, the full balance will become your responsibility.


Co-payments are your responsibility as a patient and payment is due at the time of service. If a co-payment is not made at the time of service, an additional $10 fee will be charged which is your responsibility and is not covered by insurance.

Missed Appointments

There is a $50 charge for missed appointments. These are your responsibility as a patient and are not covered by insurance.

Returned Checks

If checks are returned for non-payment, you will be charged a $30 fee for related expenses.