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Connecticut Valley Ear, Nose and Throat
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Frequently Asked Questions

These Patient Online Information Portals are designed for patients who have services at Springfield Hospital or the Specialty Practices. We are pleased to provide you the opportunity to see a summary of your visit. It may be helpful for you to review your health information as well as share this information at your next appointment.

Once you log in to the Portal, you will be able to see:
Allergies that are listed on your chart
Vital Signs
Immunizations listed on your chart
Medications given while in the hospital
Lab test results
Other Health Information

How Do I Sign Up?
You will be invited to sign up upon admission or at your physician’s office visit, and we can assist you with the sign up process. We can also send an invitation to your home after your are discharged from the hospital with link to sign up. For further assistance, call 802-885-7026.