Frequently Asked Questions-Specialty Practices Patient Portal

What can I access through the Physician Practice Portal?

Request and view appointments
Prescription refills, 24/7
Message clinicians or nurses
Clinical conditions

Is my medical information secure?

Maintaining your privacy is our top priority. The patient portal uses encryption for all communications, information, or attachments. Secure messages and information are password protected

How do I register for the Physician Practice Patient Portal?

While in your provider’s office, inform the registration staff that you wish to use the Physician Practice Patient Portal. The registration staff will require you to provide a valid photo identification and, if you are requesting access on behalf of someone else (e.g. another adult or legal power of attorney), you must provide documentation showing that you are the legal representative.

How do I change my contact e-mail?

If you would like to change any demographic information about yourself, please visit the My Info section of Follow My Health where all of your contact information is displayed. Please feel encouraged to change the email address field to something that you check frequently.

Who do I contact for technical assistance?

If you need assistance accessing your Physician Practice Portal account, please contact our Portal Technical Support team at 802-885-7026.

What if I forget my user ID or password?

If you forgot your user ID, please call for technical support at 802-885-7026. If you have forgotten your password, please use the Forgot Your Password link on the main log-in page, which is located under the fields where you enter your user ID and password. You will be prompted to confirm information to have your user ID sent to your e-mail account or to reset your password.

What should I do if I see a discrepancy or information that is not up-to-date on my chart?

Please call your physician’s office.

As a parent or guardian, will I be able to see my child’s patient chart?

As a legal parent or guardian, and your child is under 12 years old, you may have proxy access to your child’s patient chart. In order to obtain proxy access, you must have completed an authorization form for proxy access in the office and given it back to the registration staff.

If I am a caregiver, can I access the records for an adult who is in my care?

Yes, through proxy access. In order to obtain proxy access for another adult, you must have already established the following:

The authorization form for proxy access must be completed and returned to patient registration.

Once proxy access is approved, you will receive an email invitation from Follow My Health. You must accept the email invitation, which will then direct you to the next step to complete the proxy access. With proxy access, you are able to easily toggle back and forth between your personal medical record, and all proxy accounts to which you have been granted access.