Adult Day Service Offers a Home Away from Home

Do you know an adult family member, neighbor or friend who could benefit from engaging activities, nutritious meals, nursing oversight, and/or personal care or social assistance? If so, Springfield Area Adult Day Service has many services available to assist those who may be frail, isolated or have physical and/or cognitive impairment.   

Adult Day is a carefully planned program that includes health, social and supportive services in a safe, protective environment. Their programming infuses skilled services with a lot of fun!  Games and puzzles, music and singing, dance, arts and crafts, interactive video games, exercise programs, outdoor recreation, and gardening are just some of the many daily delights that are planned to make days both educational and enjoyable.  For example, a visit to the center may find folks enjoying a friendly match at the pool table, sharing a game of cards, or socializing with friends.

The daily program, fully certified by the Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living, includes a team of skilled professionals, including a director, nurses, aides, and other multi-disciplinary services from Springfield Hospital along with a number of caring and devoted volunteers.

The nursing staff work closely with area agencies to coordinate transportation, case management, programming and care, and financial assistance as needed. For caregivers, the program provides respite, and educational and emotional support.

“Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment that our participants enjoy while working to maintain or enhance their current level of mental and physical functionality. Our nurses collaborate with participants, their caregivers, and other members of their health care team to maximize their wellbeing,” comments Sue Pollard, Director of Adult Day.

Enhancing the wellness of participants is an important part of the program. This is achieved by planning daily programming that reflects participants’ personal choices and promotes independence and autonomy.  If personal care is needed, showers, shampoos, nail care and shaving services are available. Aides are also on site to assist/supervise exercises as prescribed by physical therapists.

This special program may be of assistance if your family or friends need any of the following: a safe, secure environment; social activities; assistance with eating, walking, toileting and medication management; group therapies; nutritious meals or a special diet; weight, blood pressure or food/liquid intake monitoring; exercise; personal care, such as bathing or shampooing; or, mental stimulation.

Sue Pollard adds, “The third week of September, each year, marks a special week to raise awareness of the availability and accessibility of Adult Day programs nationwide. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the entire staff of Springfield Area Adult Day Services. The quality and sincerity of care is evident in everything we do here, and our wonderful clients make providing that care a pleasure. Our team approach keeps us all engaged in the daily care and is something we are proud to provide.”

The Adult Day service is located at 266 River Street in Springfield, VT, and is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information, please contact Sue Pollard, RN, Director, at 802-885-9881 or email