Apple Blossom Cotillion – The Director Quest Continues

SPRINGFIELD, VT (March 24, 2023)  –  Springfield Hospital has been diligently searching for a new director or directors to lead the annual Apple Blossom Cotillion. Unfortunately, this year’s search was unsuccessful. As a result, we must report there will be no Cotillion in May of 2023.

     The good news is we remain steadfast in our commitment to the director search and are, once again, appealing to the community for assistance and suggestions as we look to plan the Cotillion for 2024.  We recognize the Apple Blossom Cotillion is a valued community event and a tradition that provides great pride and joy to our local youth and their families and friends. The first Cotillion was held in 1957, drawing as many as 1,500 attendees to its annual performances held the first Saturday in May. Originally a project of the Springfield Hospital Auxiliary, the Apple Blossom Cotillion has more recently been a presentation and fundraising event of Springfield Hospital. It is our intent to continue this unique and time-honored tradition.

     If you are personally interested in helping direct the Apple Blossom Cotillion, or would like to recommend someone who may be a good candidate, please contact Sandy Peplau by email at, or phone at 802-885-7686.   ###