Caroline Kirkpatrick, PharmD, Receives Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company’s 2021 Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award

SPRINGFIELD, VT (October 28, 2021) – Caroline Kirkpatrick, Pharm.D., was awarded Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company’s 2021 Vermont Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award at the annual Vermont Pharmacists Association (VPA) meeting in Burlington, VT on Sunday, October 24th.

The Distinguished Young Pharmacist award was created in 1987 to encourage newer pharmacists to become involved in association activities and community service. This award recognizes one pharmacist in each state for individual excellence and outstanding contributions.

The prestigious award is presented by Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company, nationally recognized as a leader in providing insurance products and risk management solutions to Pharmacy professionals.

The 2021 Vermont Pharmacists Association recipient was selected by a committee of his/her peers as this pharmacist exemplifies and exceeds the required criteria.

Achievements of this year’s recipient include:

•  Prior to graduating from Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences in 2016, Caroline served as the President of the Vermont Pharmacists Association Student Chapter, including service as editor of the VPA newsletter, and student-coordinator for the annual Vermont Pharmacists Day in Montpelier.

•  Post-graduation, Caroline joined the VPA and became an officer of the Board soon thereafter. As the VPA treasurer for five years, she helped the VPA organize and stabilize its financial picture.

•  Additionally, Caroline’s enthusiasm and active efforts for the profession and the association have manifested in numerous gatherings and social events. She organized several joint pharmacy-student and pharmacists “meet-and-greets.”

•  Professionally in her role at Springfield Hospital, Caroline is known as a competent, calm practitioner. She serves as a valuable liaison between pharmacy and the medical staff at the hospital. Caroline is currently chair of the Pharmacist and Therapeutics Committee, sits on the Policy and Procedures Committee, and has initiated a Patient Safety Committee at Springfield Hospital.

•  Due to Caroline’s efforts, a pharmacist is now embedded in the emergency department to not only provide relevant information and consultation in real time, but also to participate in direct patient care as part of the emergency department team.

•  When Caroline’s supervisor was called to active duty by the Army Reserve in response to the COVID crisis, Caroline, with skill and professionalism, shouldered an increased work load and work hours while successfully serving as the interim department director.

•  Caroline’s determined efforts ensured that vitally needed medications for treatment of COVID-19 were obtained by the hospital when they were in short supply. “Rather than shrink away, she charged ahead with a positive attitude of ‘this is what we’re trained for and obligated to do as pharmacists.’”

•  Caroline’s assistance led to the U.S. Marshall Service court security of Rutland and Burlington’s federal courts being able to obtain COVID vaccinations.

•  Caroline, and her pharmacist-mother Jane, with their own time and money, created interesting and fun medical masks early in the pandemic as a means to help pharmacists and technicians stay safe.

Former VPA Executive Director, James Marmar, RPH, commented: “In conclusion, Caroline Kirkpatrick, as the Pharmacists Mutual’s Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award recipient, embodies all the qualities one looks for when evaluating individuals for this award.”

Springfield Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Robert Adcock, commented, “On behalf of our Board of Directors and all staff at Springfield Hospital, we extend our thanks and gratitude to Caroline for her skill and dedication to our hospital and our patients, and our congratulations on receiving this prestigious award.”     ###