Important Update Regarding Student COVID-19 Exposure andDrive-Through Testing Site

Springfield, VT (September 22, 2021)
Our community is reporting increasing numbers of students who have been exposed to COVID-19. To help meet the urgent demand for prompt testing, Springfield Hospital is collaborating with the Vermont Department of Health in setting up a drive-through testing site on the hospital campus free of charge for impacted students and families. This drive-through service will be located on the hill to the left of the Hospital’s main parking lot on Thursday, 9/23 (11am-3pm) and Friday 24th (8am-10:30am). Please do not call the hospital at this time for an appointment, no pre-registration is required. For the health and wellbeing of our local communities, Springfield Hospital and its staff remind everyone to remain vigilant over the coming months. Wear your mask, get vaccinated, social distance, wash your hands, and avoid attending large gatherings. Be alert to changes in your health and any respiratory or flu-like symptoms and seek prompt medical advice.