Transportation for Adult Day

How do I qualify for transportation to and from Adult Day?
  • If you do not own a vehicle or you are not able to drive.
  • If there is nobody in the household who can drive you in.
  • If your loved one owns a car but is disabled and can’t drive.
  • If your loved one owns a car but works and can’t drive you.
Who pays for my transportation?
  • Medicaid
  • Veterans Association
  • Elderly & Disabled funding managed by the Adult Day
Who provides the transportation?
  • The Moover: Rockingham, VT (Serves Southern VT)
Will the transportation service provide door to door service?
  • Yes, the driver will come to your door to get you.
  • However, the driver cannot shovel for you, come inside your house or lift you up.
Will I ride on a bus or with a volunteer driver?

All participants will ride a bus unless you live in an area that the bus can’t get to. In that case, a volunteer driver will be assigned to pick you up.

Who do I call to set up or cancel my ride to Adult Day?

You must call Adult Day to schedule and cancel all rides for participation at Adult Day Service.

What if I forget to call Adult Day Service to cancel my ride?

The bus company will only allow you to cancel your ride 4 times. You will be considered a no- show. After 4 no-shows, you will be responsible to call by noon the day before your attendance to secure your ride.

What if the weather is bad?

Adult Day Service closes if the weather is bad. Call to check the message machine for closure information.

What if I need to set up a medical appointment for myself?

All participants can call the bus company directly to set up personal medical appointments.

Are there any rules for riding the bus?

48-hour notification must be given to the Adult Day

Other important information:
  • No food is allowed on the bus.
  • Participants must enter Adult Day premises upon arrival.