Our Program at Adult Day

Recreational and Outdoor Activities: A wide array of interesting, fun and therapeutic activities create opportunities for social interaction nurturing the mind, body and spirit. A change of scenery in a safe, supportive and comfortable outdoor patio allows participants to enjoy activities on warm day. The facility is secure for people with Alzheimers and includes secured doors and a fenced-in outdoor space.

Nutritious Meal: A nutritious and appetizing lunch is served at noon. We have licensed staff available to assist those who have dietary restrictions or difficulty eating.

Personal Care: Personal care services including bathing, hairdressing, nail care and shaving are available. Additional services such as rehabilitation and podiatry can be arranged as needed. (Due to COVID, these services are not provided at this time.)

Transportation:  Door-to-door pick-up and drop-off is provided within our service area. Springfield Area Adult Day Service works with local transportation services to provide fully-equipped, handicapped-accessible vans operated by trained, courteous drivers who take the time to get to know each participant.

Nursing Oversight: We provide skilled nursing oversight for health and wellness, including chronic disease and medication management.

Social Services: The center also offers outreach services with community agencies to coordinate care.

Financial Assistance: Programs are available offering caregivers the opportunity to receive an assortment of needed, cost-effective services. If you have questions regarding financial assistance that may be available, Springfield Area Adult Day Service staff can consult with you regarding eligibility for financial assistance.