Our 2020-2021 Heart to Heart Campaign

We are very grateful and extend our thanks to the many donors who generously supported our 2020-2021 Defibrillator Equipment Fund campaign. Donations exceeded $100,000. Thank you for your donations and your ongoing support. These funds helped us purchase the newest in defibrillator technology to be available throughout the hospital. This campaign ended 9/30/21. Thank you!

Second Century Society – $20,000+

Chapman-Hazen Society – $15,000+
Springfield Hospital Golf Challenge

1913 Society – $10,000+
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Evans, Jr., In honor of the ER staff
Randolph and Grace Knight, In memory of Ted Miller

Founders Society – $5,000+
Apple Blossom Cotillion
Hearts of Hope

Trustees – $2,500 +
Peter and Bonny Andrews
Chroma Technology Corp.
Lyndsy McIntyre
Kate Moriglioni
The Charitable Foundation of The Bryant Grinder Co.

Patrons – $1,000+
Robert & Sandra Adcock
Winifred McDowell & John Follett  
Gillian Pond Account
Carole & Richard Lechthaler           
Marissa Miller-Bennett      
Judy & Chris Ryder, MD
Barbara Sanderson
Robert & Lynne Schwartz
Anna and William Smith
Springfield Printing Corporation
Sarah Vail & Ernest Crosier

Benefactors – $500+    
Douglas Adams, In honor of Jim Perry                                                          
Mr. Edward H. Becker
Steve & Nancy Birge
John and Corky Bond                                                       
John & Elaine Boynton
Jane & Arthur Bratton Trust
Gary Clay, MD
Rebecca Durant and Thomas Hunter            
Doug & Lori Gurney
H.P. Cummings Construction Co.
IVEK Corporation
Michelle Johnson
Stephen LeBlanc
John Leppman, MD           
Neil & Pat Martin
Muse & Associates, Inc.                    
Mary Perry                           
Tony Petrillo & Ellen Pinter, In honor of all staff during COVID              
Tom & Carol Riley
Fauzi Rizvi, MD                  
Jane & David Sandelman 
James Smith        
Patricia Townsend

Sponsors -$250+
Robert Abeyta, MD
Steve and Ellen Ankuda
Lane Beatty, MD
Brad Berggren
Peter Bertolozzi, MD
Buffum Realty
Sheila Kendrick and Dan Caloras
Robert Cochrane,MD
Dentons Bingham Greenebaum, LLP
Mary and John English
Wanda Eubank  
Edward Foster
Michael Gray, MD
Diane & Michael Halstead
Karen Harrison
Mary Lou & Richard Hurd                               
Joel and Gale Kuhlberg     
Lawrence and Wheeler      
Peter E. MacGillivray, In memory of Sandy MacGillivray        
Bob and Kay Mitchell       
Mark & Donlyn Mitchell   
Crystal Morey     
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Mullen    
Nancy and David Muller, MD
Lee & Jeanne Nemlich
Douglas Nilson, MD
Guy Nuki, MD
David & Cayla Pagniucci
Rachel and Richard Root, Ed.D      
Julie Snide
Albert & Carol St. Pierre
Robert Sydorowich
Lou & Sue Tomberg, RN
Mark Vojtko, CRNA
Joshua Witkin                                              

Friends – Other

David and Beth Almond   
Alpha Chapter, No. 53, Order of the Eastern Star                                        
Ronald Anchia, In memory of Arlene Pearson            
The Anderson Family
Donald Anderson, In memory of Phyllis Anderson
William and Nancy Anderson
Priscilla Arnold
Valena Austin     
Uma Balakrishnan
Carol and Frank Balch, In memory of Ronald Jackson                                                            
Elizabeth Ballinger             
Jack Banta and Sandy Youmatz, NP
Robert Behr & Nancy Juergens, In honor of Dr. Scott Durgin & the staff of Lifestyle Medicine
Patricia Belknap                 
Edward Bernard 
Christine Berte, In memory of Eunice Degel
Bob & Traudi Boynton     
Susan Brace & Nancy Witherill
Darin Bradley, PA-C                                          
Bernard and Dorothy Bragg
Brattleboro Savings & Loan            
Jane & Arthur Bratton Charitable Trust        
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Burns
Eric & Barbara Bye
Patricia Callahan
Robert Campbell
B. Laura Caravatt
Jeanne & Larry Carbonetti
Heather Carter
Amanda Chaffee
Roy Christman                   
Barbara Clarke, In memory of Eunice Degel               
Coffee Reserves US                           
Carol Cole            
Kimberly Cordner, In memory of Glenn D. Cordner                   
Joseph Coutermarsh          
Warren Cross       
Elizabeth Davidson, In memory of Eunice Degel
Rachel Densmore                                                                               
Maurice DeValliere
Diamond Realty 
Carolyn Dileo                      
William Doran, In memory of Carolyn Doran             
John and Mary Doyle        
Robert Dufresne                                 
Keith Fannin                                                        
Peter Farrar          
Margee & Dick Fellenz      
Bob & Marge Fish, RN      
Steve Geller          
Barbara Ghia      
Florence Gomez
Eleanor Johnson & Richard Gorton
Pat & John Graves
Kane Gronback, FNP
Mr. Jonathan Haar
Charles & Marion Hafner, In memory of Eunice Degel
Hugh and Betty Haggerty                
William & Mary Hagstrom, In memory of Eunice Degel
Martha Harrison                 
HB Energy Solutions, Inc.
Michael Hess
Sarah Larkin & Peter Heyniger
Betsy Hinckley
Dorothy Hollander
Chris Holme
Diane & John Holme
Charles Howard
Amy Howlett
Jeannine Hughes, In memory of Dr. Phillip Hughes    
Kristine Reynolds Hurd, In memory of Karen Reynolds Gould
Linda Husband, In honor of all those who are living with heart disease                 
Paul and Norma Ippolito  
Leonard Jerome  
Kris Jarvis
Elizabeth Johnson, In memory of Eunice Degel                          
Robert and Florence Johnson                                          
Daniel and Ruth Kelin       
Katherine Kmiec                 
Michael & Margaret Knoras            
Ray Lamothe                      
Nancy & Robert Lanoue  
Samantha Lawrence, In memory of Ruth Becker Lawrence                    
Gloria and Seymour Leven, MD     
Janet Lyle
Carmen Macchia
Bruce Macduffie
Katie Macko, PA-C
Peter & Kimberly Macleod, In memory of Eunice Degel
Thomas & Sally MacPhee
Walter Martone
Ernest Mas
Wade and Katrina Masure               
JoElla McCarragher, ACNP              
Lori McGinnis                     
Roger & Jasmine Melzer
Lila Menzi, FNP-C
Donald and Joan Morey   
William Morlock, In memory of Sandy MacGillivray                                
Linda Morton      
Jack & Hilda Moynihan, In memory of Eunice Degel                                                
Michael Napsey                  
Russel & Marilyn Nord                      
Ronald Oliva, In memory of Eunice Degel
Joyce Ordinetz
Charlotte & Steve Osterlund
Marjory Pierce & James Palluto
Kim Payson
Dolores & Roger Peloquin
Pierre Peltier, In memory of Marilyn L. Peltier              
Larry & Laura Pepin                          
Jim & Sandy Peplau                          
Carolyn Perry      
Alice Perry, RN, In memory of William R. Perry, Sr.
Carolyn Perry                                                      
Mary Poirot         
Melissa Post
Heather and Bill Presch
Kathy Ravlin
Joy & David Regan
Thomas & Donna Reilly, In memory of Eunice Degel               
Nancy Rinaldi                     
Karl & Barbara Riotte
Rosemarri & Hans Roth
Beatrice Robitallie
James Rumrill     
Paul R. & Nancy R. Saueracker      
Andrew Searle
Cindy Sarles & John Hughes, MD
Patty Jo & Simon Solano, MD
Springfield Housing Authority
Dennis Stacy
Stephen Stettler
Summit Wealth Group
Peggy Svec
John Tarbell, In memory of Sandy MacGillivray & Anna P. Tarbell
Stephen & Jennifer Testerman, In memory of Doris Turco
Stephen & Judith Wales, In memory of Eunice Degel
Darlyn Walker
Ruth & Ken Walker
Kayda Wescott
Harlan & Beverly West
Lynda Whitlow, In honor of Martha Goodell
Mary K. Williams, In memory of Gene H. Williams    
Lillian & David Willis
Lori Wilson                          
Anita Wright
Carol Young
Frank & Jocelyn Zezza