Bone Density Testing

Everyone age 50+ should consider getting a baseline
bone density test.

The DEXA scan (Bone Density Testing) is a digital scanning system that is completely painless and takes just minutes to perform. Once the scan is complete, the information is available to referring physicians through our electronic records system.

Everyone age 50+ should consider getting a baseline DEXA scan. For men, a DEXA becomes necessary when your healthcare provider determines you have specific medical reasons for completing a scan. Typically, men do not experience an accelerated decline of density because they have testosterone hormones and do not experience menopause.

All women 65+ should have a bone density test. Anyone 50+ who breaks a bone should consider measuring their bone density.

To schedule an appointment, call 802-885-7517.
Each test is scheduled as a 30-minute appointment. Please register at the main entrance prior to coming to Level D for your exam.

Bone Density Testing is located in the Mammography Department on Level D at Springfield Hospital
25 Ridgewood Road, Springfield, VT 05156

Hayley Druschel, MSHA, CNMT, RT(CT)(ARRT)
Director, Diagnostic Imaging Services