2022-2023 Annual Campaign

For this year’s annual campaign, which runs October 1, 2022-September 30, 2023, we will be raising funds to purchase a new portable x-ray machine. Listed below are our donors that have contributed to this new portable x-ray machine as well as other specialty funds as of March 21, 2023. We would love to see you name or business on this list. Please consider donating today. Thank you.

Second Century Society – $20,000+
Timothy Dugan and Elizabeth Dugan

1913 Society – $10,000+
Hearts of Hope 2022
Richard & Carol Steiner

Founders Society – $5000+
The Charitable Foundation of the Bryant Chucking Grinder Company
Wilson Trust Fund

Trustees – $2,500 +
Chroma Technology Corporation
Claremont Savings Bank Foundation
Sarah Vail & Ernest Crosier

Patrons – $1,000+
Dick & Leigh Adams
Anthony Marro Memorial Trust
Jeff & Debbie Blauw
Jane & Arthur Bratton Trust
Infinitt North America
Eric Hacker
LaValley Building Supply, LLC
Lowell & Sandra Mintz
Anna and William Smith
Springfield Printing Corporation

Benefactors – $500+
Dr. Lane and Mrs. Jennifer Beatty
Edward H. Becker
Rick & Gail Bibens
Boccaccio’s, Springfield
John & Corky Bond
John & Elaine Boynton
Dr. April Carr
Kim Cordner, In memory of Glenn Cordner
Candice C. Fortier, In memory of Ernest Crosier
Dr. Nora Gashi
Drs. Michael and Marianne Gray
H.P. Cummings Construction
Patricia Martin
Marion Mueller
Dr. Jay and Mrs. Christine Mullen
John Leppman, MD
Dr. Guy Nuki
Dr. and Mrs. Doug Nilson
Dr. Jose Perez
Mary Perry
Anthony Petrillo & Ellen Pinter
Douglas & Judith Priestley
Dr. Marcus Riccioni
Judith & Christopher Ryder, MD
Gwynna Taylor
Patricia Townsend

Sponsors -$250+

Steve & Ellen Ankuda
Michael Ankuda, In memory of Michael Ankuda
Boccaccio’s, Bellows Falls
Mel Charboneau
Gary Clay, MD
Wanda Eubank
Edward Foster
Peter MacGillivray, In memory of Douglas Priestley & Ernest Crosier
Jeanne Nemlich
John & Patricia Graves
Melissa Post
Marcus Riccioni, MD
Dorothy Somogyi
Springfield Housing Authority
Walter Stankevich, In memory of Jacqueline Stankevich
Robert Sydorowich
Kayda Wescott
Westminster Courier Service

Friends – Other
Ronald Abbott
William Adams
David & Beth Almond
Ronald Anchia
Scott Armstrong
Valena Austin
Sharon Ayer, In memory of Douglas Priestley
Robert & Linda Bazin
Bellows Falls Emblem Club
Marc Belisle, NP
Pat Belknap
Mary Bowman
Susan Brace
Darin Bradley, PA-C
Bernard & Sue Bragg
Donald & Barbara Bromley, In memory of Kathy Slade Bromley
Sandra Burton
Eric & Barbara Bye
Café at delight
Robert Campbell
Frances Cheslock, In memory of Ernest Crosier
Barbara Chick
Roy Christman
Cheryl Cox
Carol Crosier, In memory of Ernest Crosier
Shirley Crosier, In memory of Ernest Crosier
Allison Ebrahimi-Gold, FNP
William & Leigh Dakin
Brenda & Richard Dansingburg
Megan Dean
Maurice DeValliere
Robert & Christine Dufresne, In memory of Douglas Priestley
Mary & John English
Peter Farrar
Yoa & Allen Fliberti, MD
Bob & Marge Fish
William & Ellen Flore
Roberta & Franklin Geist
Caroline Fritzinger
Stephen Geller
Kane Gronback, FNP
Robert Gulick
Adrienne Holland, GNP
Charles Howard
Bill Hoyt
Cindy & John Hughes, MD
Paul & Norma Ippolito
Robert & Florence Johnson
Linda J. Kelley
Paul & Eileen Kendall
Bruce MacDuffie
Thomas & Sally MacPhee
Carmen Macchia
Katie Macko, PA-C
Ken & Marcia Manner
Gordon Marcotte
Wendy Martin, In memory of Ernie Crosier
Water Martone
Joella McCarragher, MSN, ACNP-BC
Roger & Jasmine Melzer
Donald & Joan Morey, In memory of Ernest Crosier
Margaret Nickerson
Charlotte and Steven Osterlund
Roger A. Owen
Lucille Palifka
James Palluto & Marjory Pierce
Jessica Arlene Pearson
Pete & Lara Peck
Jeffrey & Wilda Pelton, In memory of Douglas Priestley & Ernest Crosier
Carolyn Perry
Randy & Robin Ploof, In memory of Francis Young
Donald & Cynthia Ploof, In memory of Francis Young
Dave & Cathy Redman, In memory of Douglas Priestley
Lawrence & Sara Rice
Linda Robinson, In memory of Douglas Priestley
Barbara Ross, In memory of Francis Young and Robert P. Young
Peggy Svec
Rosann Sexton
Matthew Smith, FNP
Senior Solutions
Richard & Christine Spaulding
Edward & Nora-Ellen Spaulding
Stephen Stettler
Hank & Carol Stopinski
The Rock & Hammer
Col (R) and Mrs. Richard Vail, In memory of Ernest Crosier
Anthony & Catherine Valente
William Vanneman, MD
Vermont Packinghouse
Vermont Timber Works, Inc.
Diane Vatne and Martin Yates
Harlen West
Barbara Whittaker
Claudia Williams, NP
Lillian & David Willis
Lyle Wood
Anita Wright