2021-2022 Annual Campaign

In healthcare, advances in technology happen frequently and bring new opportunities to improve patient safety and efficiency. “Smart Pump” infusion technology is one of the important tools that helps deliver critical fluids to patients – whether saline, medications, nutrients or chemotherapy. We are very grateful to the following donors for their generosity in helping us reach our goal of $300,000 to purchase this critical equipment. Please donate today to add your name to this list. Thank you.

Founders Society – $5,000+
Peter Andrews, Sr. Insurance Services
The Charitable Foundation of the Bryant Chucking Grinder Company
Timothy Dugan & Elizabeth Dugan

Trustees – $2,500 +
BlueWater Health
Chroma Technology Corporation

Patrons – $1,000+
Robert S. Adcock
Freda and Paul Barton
Winifred McDowell & John Follett
Gillian Pond Account
Lowell & Sandra Mintz
Howard Schapiro & Jan Carroll
Barbara Sanderson
Anna and William Smith
Springfield Printing, Corporation
Sarah Vail & Ernest Crosier

Benefactors – $500+
George Ainley
Edward Becker
Stephen D. Birge
Corky & John Bond
Gary Clay, MD
Gerald Eichner
HP Cummings Construction Company
IVEK Corporation
Richard & Carole Lechthaler
John Leppman, MD
Pierre Peltier
Mary Perry
Douglas and Judith Priestley
Tom & Carol Riley
Judith and Christopher Ryder, MD
Gwynna Taylor
Patricia Townsend

Sponsors -$250+
Dr. & Mrs. Rob Abyeta
David & Beth Almond
Steve & Ellen Ankuda, In memory of Rod Tarbell
Dr. Lane Beatty
Dr. Peter Bertolozzi
Buffum Realty
Dan Caloras and Sheila Kendrick
Rob Cantu, MD
Melvin & Karen Charboneau
Edward Chivers
Warren Cross
Rebecca Durant & Thomas Hunter
Wanda Eubank
Allen & Yda Filiberti
Edward Foster
Pat & John Graves
Dr. Mike Gray
Charles Howard
Kris Jarvis
Stephen LeBlanc
Bruce MacDuffie
Dr. Jay & Mrs. Christine Mullen
Mr.&Mrs. William Nelson
Lee & Jeanne Nemlich
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Nilson
Dr. Guy Nuki
David Pagniucci
Ellen Pinter and Tony Petrillo
Melissa Post
Dr. Marcus Riccioni
Rachel & Richard Root, Ed.D.
Nathan Roth
Alexander & Dorothy Somogyi
Springfield Housing Authority
Springfield Rotary Club
St. Pierre Inc.
Robert Sydorowich
Westminster Courier Service, In honor of Jocelyn Benzaia

Friends – Other
Steve Aikenhead
Alph Chapter #53, Order of the Eastern Star
All Seasons Construction Corp.
Ronald Anchia, In memory of Arlene Pearson
Louise Ankuda
Priscilla Arnold
Frank & Carol Balch
Robert & Linda Bazin
Beardsley, Inc.
Wanda Blanchard, In Memory of Paul Barton
Robert Behr
Marc Belisle, NP
Angi Benson
Paul & Nancy Bladyka
Lawrence & Irmgard Blish
Bob & Traudi Boynton
Susan Brace
Darin Bradley, PA-C
Bernard & Sue Bragg
SallyLou & Henry Brunjes
Bill & Sandy Burton, In memory of Leon Perry
Patricia Callahan
Robert Campbell
Laurence Carbonetti
Heather Carter
Greg and Kathy Chase
Barbara Chick
Roy Christman
Ronald Chute
Carol Cole
Maria Contro
Shirley Cooper
Joseph Coutermarsh
Crow Hill Gallery
William and Leigh Dakin
Thomas Davis, MD
Rachel Densmore
Alison & John DesLauriers
Carolyn Dileo
William Doran
John Doyle
Allison Ebrahimi-Gold, FNP
Peter Farrar
Marge and Bob Fish
Caroline Fritzinger
Alan & Sandi Gaspardino, In memory of Joyce Gay
Stephen Geller
Richard Gorton, In memory of Harriet W. Gorton
Paul and Sharon Griswold
Kane Gronback, NFP
Matt & Carol Guild
Betty & Hugh Haggerty
HB Energy Solutions
Hennessey Electric, Inc.
Ronald L. Hoffman & Mary Ann Lauder
Dorothy Hollander
William Hoyt
Clay Hudgings
John & Cindy Hughes
Nell Boni Hughes
Paul & Norma Ippolito
Eleanor Johnson, In memory of Austin W. Johnson
Ruth & Dan Kelin
Linda & Pat Kelley
P & L Enterprises
Paul & Eileen Kendall
Leon & Pat Kenyon
Kischko Family
Earl & Sharon Kishida
William Kneebone
Carol-Lynn Knight, In honor of Shirley Nelson
Michael & Margaret Knoras
Ray Lamothe
Ellen Lander
Reine & Constance Laplante
Barbara Lyman, In memory of Jacqueline Stankevich
Thomas & Sally MacPhee
James & Mary MacMahan
Carmen Macchia
Katie Macko, PA-C
Richard Marasa, MD
Walter Martone
Ernest & Sally Mas
JoElla MacCarragher, ACNP
Roger & Jasmine Melzer
Kurt & Linda Merriman
Joan & Donald Morey
William Morlock, In memory of Sandy MacGillivray
Linda Morton
Harry Nelson
Alice Nitka
Marilyn Nord
Charlotte & Steven Osterlund
Kim Payson
Sandy & Jim Peplau
Louise Peale
Dolores & Roger Peloquin
Carolyn Perry
Marjory Pierce Pallutto, In memory of Helen Pierce and Rose Cioffi Pallutto
Heather & Bill Presch
Marjorie J. Putnam, In memory of Morris O. Putnam, Jr.
R. P. Zimpfer Construction, Co.
David & Joy Regan
Lawrence & Sara Rice
Karl & Barbara Riotte
Beatric Robitaille
Hans Roth
John & Lynn Russell
Andrew Searle
Rosann Sexton
Richard & Christine Spaulding
Stephen Stettler
Hank & Carol Stopinski
Peggy Svec
The Paul R. & Nancy R. Saueracker Family
Carole Theodore, In honor of the hardworking folks in the ER
George & Linda Thomson
Virginia Thulen, In memory of Kenneth Thulen
Anthony & Catherine Valente
Diane Vatne and M Yates
Vermont Timber Works, Inc.
Robert & Barbara Wells
Kayda Wescott
Harlan West
Carla White
Edwin & Andrea Whitman
Claudia Williams, NP
Mary Kinney Williams, In memory of Roderick Tarbell & Carroll Kinney
Michael & Lucinda Wooton
Anita Wright
Scott Wunderle
Sandy Youmatz, NP
Jocelyn & Frank Zezza
Ross & Susan Ziskind
Anthony Zullo