Visitor Policy

For the health and safety of our patients and staff, Springfield Hospital is currently under a NO VISITOR policy until further notice.

The only exceptions include:
• In the case of pediatric patients, both parents may visit and one parent to stay with the child at all times. Caregivers must be masked at all times.
• In the case of patients with documented one-on-one and 24 hour care, one caregiver may be allowed to stay with the patient at all times. Caregiver must be masked at all times.
• In the case of patients with cognitive decline or dementia, a fmaily member may be allowed to accompany patients into the ‘cold zone’ in the emergency department in order to give medical details to providers. Family members should be restricted in this case from the Inpatient Unit; all attempts will be made to provide sitters for these patients as needed.
• . One caregiver may accompany frail or confused patients to ambulaytory care appointments, including assists with ambulation to office. Patients should notify the office that they need an assist at the time of making the appointment. Patients and caregiver are to be screened at the door and masked at all times. One parent may accompany minors.

Patients are welcome for outpatient appointments, including the lab and diagnostic imaging. They may not have accompanying visitors unless specified above.