Visitor Policy

Springfield Hospital Visitor Policy – Effective June 29th, 2021

As Vermont enters the recovery phase of the pandemic, our visitor policy will be updated to support easier visitation of family and other support people.

Non-Vaccinated visitors are permitted but should consider staying home. Healthcare facilities are still managing active COVID cases. This is particularly true for children who may not have the opportunity to be vaccinated yet.

All visitors are to be masked at all times. This includes all children. If someone is staying overnight, they will be required to wear a mask all night if their patient is sharing a room.

Visiting hours are 8am to 8pm.

  1. Inpatient Unit:
    1. Two healthy support persons at one time.
      1. Children may be included as one of the two support persons. Please consider the appropriateness of the visit and if the child in question can wear a mask during the visit.
    1. No visitors are permitted if a patient is COVID-19 positive. All effort will be made to facilitate remote visitation by loved ones.
    1. The IPCU staff has the right to restrict visitors in order to manage crowding on the unit.
  2. Inpatient: End of Life Care
    1. Visitation will be managed by the care team. Two support people are welcome at the bedside at all times and more may be allowed depending on patient census and needs of the unit.
  3. Pediatric Patients- Inpatient Unit:
    1. Two healthy parents or guardians at the bedside.
      1. Please note that siblings or other minors have never been allowed to stay overnight in the hospital room if parents are staying with an admitted pediatric patient.
      1. Sibling visitors may be permitted as needed. Masks are required at all times.
  4. Emergency Department:
    1. Two healthy support persons at one time.
      1. Support persons should not be in waiting room due to space constraints. They may join the patient after they are roomed.
      1. The ED staff has the right to restrict visitors in order to manage crowding in the Emergency Department.
      1. Visitors are prohibited from the “hot zone” in the ED.
  5. Pediatrics- Emergency Department:
    1. Two health parents or guardians.
    1. Sibling or minor visitation is restricted due to risk of hospital acquired infections (COVID-19) in this space.
  6. Specialty Clinic and Surgical Practices.
    1. Two healthy support persons may accompany patients to appointments.
    1. The nursing and office staff reserve the right to manage traffic and crowding in these spaces.
    1. Visitors should not include minors.  
  7. Windham Center:
    1. Two Vaccinated support persons are allowed at one time.
    1. All visits must be scheduled ahead of time to manage space constraints and maintain social distancing. Per Windham Center policies, all visits must take place in the community room and space is limited.
    1. Visits may be time limited depending on census (which may lead to space constraints). The staff has the right to manage these times and ask visitors to leave as needed.
    1. Visitors must be 18 years or older.
  8. Surgical Patients:
    1. Two healthy support persons allowed for patients requiring general or procedural sedation.
  9. Outpatients: Laboratory and diagnostic imaging:
    1. One healthy support person may accompany patients.
    1. Two parents or guardians may accompany pediatric patients.
    1. Minors should only accompany patients when no alternative arrangements can be made.