Strategic Initiatives 2023


Springfield Hospital completed its 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment survey in collaboration with North Star Health, the local FQHC network.

During the 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment process, the advisory committee reviewed data and information from all sources including primary and secondary data, focus groups, and personal interview information to determine the leading community health needs for the Springfield service area. The community leader and general community resident surveys asked participants to select the top most urgent health needs or issues in the community. The following is a summary of identified community health needs and issues:

• Cost of health care services, affordability of health insurance
• Availability of primary care and specialty medical services
• Availability of mental health services
• Socio-economic conditions affecting health and well-being (housing, healthy foods, child care)
• Alcohol and drug use prevention, treatment and recovery
• Affordability and availability of dental care services
• Health care workforce shortage

Please visit our Community Health Needs Assessment page for details on the implementation strategy and progress reports.