Springfield Hospital Governance 2022

Springfield Hospital is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of local citizens of our region who volunteer their time to establish policies, create and monitor a strategic plan, approve budgets and make decisions critical to the implementation of our mission. Through the direct participation of local community members on our Board, our community has input for setting and monitoring the strategic direction and decision making of Springfield Hospital.

Springfield Hospital’s Board of Directors consists of not less than ten (10) nor more than fourteen (14) members, one of whom shall be the President of the Medical Staff ex-officio, one of whom shall be a nominee of the Medical Staff of the Hospital, other than the President of the Medical Staff ex-officio, and one of whom shall be the CEO ex-officio.

Directors are proposed by the Nominating Committee and voted on by the Class A members of Springfield Hospital. All Directors shall be a minimum of twenty-one (21) years of age. With the exception of the CEO of Springfield Hospital, the President of the Medical Staff of the Hospital, and the other nominees of the Medical Staff of the Hospital, the Directors shall have their place of primary residence in the Springfield Hospital service area. In the event a Director moves from the Hospital’s service area during his or her term, said Director shall be allowed to complete the term if he or she is able to fulfill the requirements of the office. However, said Director shall not be eligible for re-election.

To the extent possible, Directors should provide a broad representation of the interests of the communities served by Springfield Hospital, as well as their ability to participate effectively in fulfilling the responsibilities of the Board of Directors.

Each Director is elected for a three (3) year term, and may not serve more than three (3) consecutive terms. Years of service by a Director in an ex-officio capacity shall not be counted against the above limitation of three (3) consecutive terms. Vacancies on the Board for any reason during a Director’s term may be filled by election of the remaining Directors, however the time period for the Director filling such vacancy is not counted toward the term limit provided above.

Officers (2021-2022)
Jim Rumrill – Chairperson
Lynn Raymond-Empey, Vice Chairperson
Richard Dexter, III – Treasurer
John Bond – Secretary

Directors  (2021-2022)
Eliot Hall, MD (Ex Officio)
Stephen LeBlanc
Douglas Nilson, MD (Ex Officio)
Howard Schapiro, MD
Gabriel St. Pierre
Robert Adcock, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
(Ex Officio)



Springfield Hospital Board of Directors meets monthly, including monthly public meetings. For more information on the schedule of meetings of the hospital’s governing body, please contact:

Crystal Morey, Manager
of Administrative Operations
Springfield Hospital
25 Ridgewood Road
Springfield, VT 05156
Phone 802-885-7603
Fax 802-885-7357