Services in Emergency Department

Triage Prioritizes Patient Care Needs
All patients are triaged with the ESI 5 level triage system upon arrival at our Emergency Department. Patients are assessed and given a triage number based on the acuity of their condition. Patients are then seen based on the severity of their condition. We have specialized Physicians on call to see patients in the Emergency Department when a referral is appropriate.

Inpatient Care
Sometimes, hospitalization may be necessary for ongoing care and treatment of your illness or injury. If so, our Emergency Department staff will carefully coordinate your transition and ongoing care with our inpatient hospital specialists, nurses and social workers. This team will coordinate your hospital stay and work closely with your provider and primary care team.

Specialty care is coordinated when it is medically necessary. If you need specialty care not available at Springfield Hospital, your health condition will be stabilized and you will be transported to a specialized facility for a higher level of care.

Care Coordination
Case managers will coordinate your care, help you select a medical home for your ongoing care and arrange other services you may need when you leave. Financial, pharmacy, social service assistance, nutritionists, behavioral health professionals and physical therapists are some of the many resources available to you through your primary care team at your medical home primary care office.