Patient Complaint 2017

Customer service checklist

The quality of the care and patient experiences we provide are very important at SMCS.

While infrequent, it does happen on occasion that patients wish to express dissatisfaction or offer suggestions for improvement regarding our services. This is a valued part of our ongoing quality improvement process, and we take all patient feedback seriously. Patient complaints are a formal, written grievance, and should be filed by a patient, or on behalf of a patient, only when an issue cannot be resolved promptly, or on-the-spot, by the present staff.

All patient complaints must be identified and addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Submissions will be accepted in writing and will be forwarded to the Department Manager for investigation and appropriate response.

The following procedures will be used in receiving and responding to patient complaints:

  • All formal customer complaints must be submitted in writing to Customer Relations.
  • Persons who express a desire to file a formal complaint verbally, either in person or via a telephone call (802-885-7299) will be instructed to complete and submit a written Customer Complaint/Grievance Form to Customer Relations.
  • The Department Manager is responsible for resolving the formal written complaint or, if necessary, to refer it to the Quality Improvement Office within 30 days for investigation, review, and resolution.
  • Department Managers are responsible for following-up on all patient complaints and for responses to patients, the Division Chief, or the Quality Improvement Office, as appropriate.
  • If the patient is not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint, he/she may appeal this decision in writing directly to the Quality Improvement Office.
  • Mail all submissions to Customer Relations #862, Springfield Medical Care Systems, 25 Ridgewood Rd., Springfield, VT 05156.


Patient Complaint Form


Program Officer:

Bob DeMarco, Chief of
Quality & Systems Improvement