Our Mission

our-mission-landscape Our vision is to be the provider of choice by creating a professional environment where:

  • Patients want to receive care;
  • Clinicians want to practice medicine; and,
  • Employees want to work.

2018-19 Board of Directors Officers
Jim Rumrill, Chairperson
Nathaniel Cobb, Treasurer
Stephen Lyon, Secretary

Heather Presch
Lynne Raymond-Empey
James Remy
David Sandelman
Gabriel St. Pierre
Sarah Vail
Gerald Drabyn, MD (Ex Officio)
Robert Cantu, MD (Ex Officio)
Michael Halstead, MBA
   Interim Chief Executive Officer
   (Ex Officio)

Open Board Meetings:
The Board welcomes public input and comment regarding health services. A public forum will be made available monthly at Board meetings to allow public input. Open Board Meetings will be held at Springfield Hospital Level D Conference Room.
April 9, 2019,
May 14, 2019,
June 11, 2019,
July 9, 2019,
August 13, 2019 (date pending),
September 10, 2019,
October 8, 2019,
November 12, 2019,
December 10, 2019

Please contact administration at 802-885-7603 to advise of your interest in attending and provide any information you can relative to your topic of interest. Thank you.

Email board@springfieldmed.org