Multidisciplinary Pulmonary Rehab Staff

Barbara Dalton, MD: Program Medical Director.

Dr. Dalton interviews each patient before they begin rehab, and meets weekly with the rehab coordinator to update their progress and make further recommendations. She also provides education during the 8-week program and visits the exercise area during the program.

Terisa Northcott, BSRC/RRT Respiratory Therapist, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Coordinator

Registered respiratory therapist for inpatients at Springfield Hospital and staff member of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Department. Terisa provides respiratory assessment and education through the rehabilitation program.

Adam Ameele, PsyD

Dr. Ameele provides psychological counseling for anxiety and depression. Dr. Ameele provides education to help pulmonary rehabilitation participants identify and control symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.

Victoria Palma, OTR: Program Occupational Therapist

Licensed Occupational Therapist at Springfield Hospital. Victoria provides education on energy conservation and demonstrates adaptive equipment to patients.

Yen Meek, RPH: Pharmacist

Registered Pharmacist for inpatient clients at Springfield Hospital. Yen provides education on respiratory medications for pulmonary rehabilitation participants, answers questions on current medications and provides handouts for all participants.

Robyn Priebe, RD: Dietician

Dietician at Springfield Hospital. Robyn provides education on nutrition and offers suggestions to improve overall diet.

Scott Durgin, MD, Director of Lifestyle Medicine