Frequently Asked Questions – Emergency Department

How Long Will I Wait to be Seen?Emergency care, with the number of patients and their needs, is unpredictable. When you arrive, your clinical condition will be promptly evaluated. All patients are monitored by clinical staff, and patients with the most serious conditions will be seen first. The Emergency Department makes every effort to provide prompt and efficient care. Nonetheless, the length of your visit will depend upon your condition, what diagnostic testing is required, the treatment you need, and your response to that treatment.

A wide array of X-ray, imaging, and lab services are all available in the Emergency Department. Electronic monitoring and electronic medical records help us provide high-quality care.

We know how important it is to have someone with you when you are receiving care in an emergency situation. For the safety and privacy of our patients and staff, we ask all visitors to check in at the reception area to receive clearance for a visit. During periods of high volume or clinical care needs, visits may be limited. If you or your visitor have questions or concerns, please ask the receptionist for assistance.

What Do I Need to Bring With Me?
To help us provide the best possible care, please bring the following information if possible:

  • A list of your medications, including the dose and frequency you take the medication
  • A list of your medical problems
  • A list of your allergies
  • The name(s) of your primary care doctor and any specialists who provide your care
  • Your current address, phone number and insurance card