Childbirth Center at Springfield Hospital

Mother and baby

“Where Each New Life is a┬áSpecial Experience…”

We’re pleased to share the joys of childbirth with new parents at The Childbirth Center, where each new life is a special experience. A comfortable, home-like birth environment and staff who do their best to make sure your birth is everything you want it to be are important for this special event! At The Childbirth Center, you can feel completely at home with support from loved ones. Your personal birth plan is our guide and helps us know your wishes. Our labor, delivery and recovery rooms allow you to experience birth in the privacy and comfort of your own room. Sophisticated fetal monitoring systems and needed technology for cesarean deliveries are available if needed. Call us today to arrange a tour and to meet our staff. We look forward to seeing you.


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Medical Staff
Michael Ritondo, MD, FACOG
Richard Sumermatter, MD, FACOG
Kara Pitt, MD, FACOG
Barbara Dalton, MD (Family Practice OB)
Jennifer Michalke, WHNP

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Lyndsy McIntyre, MSN, RN, CLC
Nurse Manager

The Childbirth Center
Springfield Hospital

Visiting Hours:
2 – 8 pm, daily
Immediate family, anytime