Your Birthing Choices

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When your pregnancy is confirmed, you are likely to have questions. The Childbirth Center Connection provides you a free, private consultation with a Childbirth Center nurse. Please plan a personal visit to meet the staff, tour the Childbirth Center, and discuss any questions you have regarding your pregnancy.

Your Birthing Choices

One of the first things you’ll want to do is prepare your birth plan — a written document that guides you through the decision-making process and outlines the decisions you make. Your birth plan is a written guide that helps communicate your wishes to everyone who will be supporting you during the birth of your baby.

Childbirth is a special event and one that is unique to you. We are here to offer guidance and support as you make decisions and choices about the birth of your baby.

One of the many important topics you’ll want to discuss with your physician, to ensure the highest level of comfort for you and your baby, is pain management. There are many options to consider. Some choices include:

  • Relaxation, massage and breathing techniques
  • Hydrotherapy (deep soaking tub)
  • Intravenous pain medication
  • Epidural analgesia

Please plan to discuss the various options available and your particular needs with your physician, so the choices you make are the right ones for you and your baby.


Tours of the Childbirth Center are included as part of our Childbirth Education Classes. Couples can arrange individual tours at their convenience by calling extension 7511.

If you have questions, please ask. We invite your questions so you are prepared to make informed choices that suit you, your baby and your lifestyle.

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