2018 Hospital Report Card

Public Participation and Strategic Planning

Springfield Hospital’s planning process integrates feedback and priorities identified internally and externally through collaboration and planning with community members and partners, managers and staff, medical staff, and board members. Through this process, needs are identified and prioritized, and implementation plans are developed for community health care and hospital services, as well as seeking new opportunities. This feedback is reviewed with our Strategic Planning Committee with recommendations and approved by our Board of Directors for implementation.

Planning is ongoing and includes information from various sources as outlined below:

Public Input is invited at any time through our website, e-mail, or regular mail.

  • A Community Needs Assessment is conducted every three years and seeks input from the community, SMCS physicians and other medical care providers and patients. The process includes market research surveys, personal interviews, focus groups and ongoing public meetings. In addition, staff are involved in local organizations and collaboratives that help us coordinate area needs with state, regional and federal requirements.
  • A Community Needs Assessment tool is available on our website’s home page, www.springfieldhospital.org, that provides opportunity for community feedback at any time throughout the year.
  • A Community Relations Line offers an invitation to provide written feedback to our Quality & Systems Improvement Department. Contact information can be found on the home page of our website, www.springfieldhospital.org, or by calling 802-885-7299.
  • A Community Health Team meets monthly, with an open invitation to the public, to receive input on community needs and share information about local services through a collaborative process. Guest speakers are invited to present to the group at monthly meetings.

Priority needs identified through the 2016 Needs Assessment process, and approved by our Board of Directors on 9/30/16, included improving access for:
• Behavioral health and substance abuse services;
• Weight management and obesity services; and,
• Dental services.

An implementation plan for strategic initiatives to address these needs is included in the Community Health Needs Assessment document, and an annual update is posted in the right hand column of this page.