2018 Strategic Initiatives

During the CHNA process, the advisory committee reviewed data and information from all sources including primary and secondary data, focus groups, and personal interview information to determine the leading community health needs for the Springfield service area. The group identified priority needs that fell into three main categories.
Substance Abuse / Mental Health              
The community survey identified substance abuse and mental health issues as two separate issues. The focus groups, the personal interviews and the community survey all identified each of these topics as a high priority need. The committee believes that they are so closely linked in demand and utilization of services, many times being co-occurring disorders, that it makes sense to consider them as one main focus area.
The rise in obesity over the past few years has been significant and, while, obesity was identified as an issue in the 2013 survey, it did not rise to the level of the top three concerns. This year, it is a strong second in priority, and was identified as both a personal health challenge and a community health challenge.
Oral Health
Oral health is a statewide problem and our local area is no exception. Demand is high for dental services, and particularly for adult Medicaid patients. Also a concern is the fact that while there may be resources to extract teeth when necessary, there are very few resources to help low income residents afford dentures. Demand for dentures is high, and proactively pursuing measures to prevent tooth decay at an early age is considered an important part of the solution to this community health problem.
Additional information and details regarding these topics can be found in the 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment document.