Specialty Clinic

Nurse doing a check-up on a patient

The Specialty Clinic at Springfield Hospital is conveniently located on the first floor, to the right as you enter the front door. This service enables patients with specialty care needs to receive care in or close to their home community. The Specialty Clinic includes the Oncology Clinic, with Oncologist Thomas Davis, MD, and the Cardiology Clinic, with Cardiologist Edward Catherwood, MD. Both of these specialists come from Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and work in collaboration with Springfield Hospital to make high-quality specialty care accessible in our area. We also have an infusion suite within our Clinic. This allows us to provide chemotherapy to our patients, and to Dartmouth patients, close to home. Multiple other IV infusions are available here as well, often ordered by Rheumatology or Neurology specialists, making these treatments also available close to home. Working to make healthcare easily accessible for patients and families in the lower Connecticut River Valley area is one more way we are helping improve the quality of life for all.

For an appointment, please contact the Specialty Clinic:

25 Ridgewood Road
Springfield, VT 05156
(802) 885-7524 Office
(802) 885-7397 Fax

Thomas Davis, MD
Oncology Clinic

Alan R. Opsahl, MD
Cardiology Clinic